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This portal is designed to facilitate and automate the process of organizing sailing races.
With Sail-Races it is very easy to create a sailing race, because we connect organizers and participants in a single system.


We have provided a very simple system of registration of participants with automatic support of the ORC database.

With Sail-Races you no need to fill out many questionnaires for participation in different events. Just register your boat and you can register with one button to participate in different events, different clubs.

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Register your club or federation, create your event and accept applications for registration.

One button publish the event documents. Print and export to different formats for further processing.

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With Sail-Races, the racing committee easily creates the distances of future races, plans to arrange buoys, controls the starting procedure and finish. If it is necessary to simultaneously take the finish of several races from different events.

We have included in the system a rating module that can work with various rating systems, ORC, IRC, national systems. We have also provided linear systems for racing of the no handicaps types. For each rating system, create the required number of groups. Combine groups into starting groups. You can use all systems at the same time.

With Sail-Races preliminary results are available as far as the finish of the boats, and final results are available on the site immediately after they are approved by the race committee.

With Sail-Races, on-line GPS tracking of yachts is possible. To do this, it is enough to register a compatible tracker in the system and assign its number to the yacht registered in the event.

On a special page with tracking of your event, not only the position of the ships will be displayed, but the full route of the race taking into account the buoys. In addition, we created a rating table, preliminary results, which in real time displays the position of the yacht in the race, taking into account the rules and coefficients of rating systems.

With Sail-Races you can view the progress of the year after its completion, analyzing various aspects of the race. We keep the whole path of the yachts on which the trackers have been installed

Good racing and fresh wind,
Your Sail-Races team.

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